Clickable Prototype

For business idea validation with small scale testing


Defining requirements


Collecting input, data analysis

Mapping users and needs, defining goals

Mapping out main flows, scenarios

UX building

Drawing out wireframes to validate flows

Creating prototype to test the user experience

Getting feedback, iterations

UI design

Defining visual language (moodboards/CVI)

Turning wireframes into pixel perfect design

Getting feedback, iterations

Functional application for alpha testing

Includes all features of the clickable prototype.

Project setup
Planning CI/CD process

Setting up a staging environment

Configuring automated tests

Configuring automated deployments

Backend/ frontend development

Specifying task-level requirements in chosen project management tool


Getting feedback, iterations

Quality assurance, testing

Client experience

Start smart like Kookon

We built a version with limited functions that played a crucial part of explaining the product and business plan to all relevant parties. Having a good proof of concept allowed the client to sell out 50% of all rental agreements before the house was even built.
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