September 2020 - present day
Operating since 2013 with the widest selection onf computer electronics in Estonia


Arvutitark is one of the most iconic and leading consumer electronics web shops in Estonia. Operating since 2013, they provide the most extensive selection of computer electronics with incomparable prices and fastest delivery times. Their selection is specifically tailored to meet tech-savvy enthusiasts’ every need for computer components, peripherals, special equipment and services.


Powerful e-commerce backend

Arvutitark's new custom e-commerce platform features a powerful backend that is specifically tailored for managing the wide range of electronics products on offer. With hundreds of thousands of product updates each day by wholesale warehouses, the platform's custom e-commerce system enables seamless integration with wholesalers, and customizable sync schedules ensure that the latest product information is always available.

Data consolidation system simplifies product management, enabling easy filtering and access to technical product details. The advanced multi-tier pricing model allows Arvutitark to provide competitive pricing by optimizing product markups in bulk.

Laravel, Node.JS, Google cloud
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Frontend web shop

The frontend web shop has been redesigned with a focus on improving user experience and expanding self-service options. The up-to-date design and improved product design make it easy for customers to find the products they need and make additional service purchases. The fuzzy searching capabilities enable customers to find products using partial search terms or misspellings, further simplifying the shopping experience.

The expanded self-service options allow customers to manage their accounts, track orders, and access technical support, all from one convenient location. With a focus on business customers, the campaign management system enables Arvutitark to target promotions to specific customer segments, improving customer engagement and boosting sales.

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OpenAI integration

Experimental ChatGPT integration is playing a key role in Arvutitark's e-commerce platform by providing product enrichment, translation capabilities from multiple languages, processing data to human-readable form, and data aggregation. Its advanced language processing and data management capabilities are helping Arvutitark to manage their extensive product inventory seamlessly and provide detailed information to their customers.

By leveraging ChatGPT's expertise in AI-based data processing, Arvutitark aims to deliver an exceptional online shopping experience and maintain their position as a leading consumer electronics web shop in Estonia.

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