University of Tartu and Institute of Genomics
2017 - Present
Helped to achieve a goal of collecting over 200 000 gene samples, which is over 20% of the adult population of Estonia!
100% paperless consent application using Estonia's digital signature


Institute of Genomics is part of University of Tartu which is Estonia's leading centre of research and training. Institute of Genomics contributes to transdisciplinary research and application based on omics reseach and methods and also teaches University of Tartu students. Institute of Genomics was established to promote greater synergy between genomic-based research, teaching and other scientific fields.


Gene Donor Portal

To this date, Institute of Genomics has gathered gene samples from more than 200k Estonians (ca 20% of adults in Estonia). Before the gene donor portal, the consent of giving your genes to the government for research and development was given on paper. When the government drew a development plan for years 2017-2022, it was decided to give a budget to scale the number of gene donors from 50k to at least 150k. To handle the paperwork and legal consents needed from donors, we developed the gene donor portal which uses Estonian digital authentication and signature solutions to give legal power for the consents gathered.

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