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Our partnership with Turnit started in 2017 to design and build a customisable white-label web platform for ticket sales. After the initial launch of the webshop, we have continuously worked with Turnit’s product team to ensure the platform is relentlessly evolving. Throughout our collaboration we have constantly improved and updated the user experience, added countless flexible and configurable features and supported the team with client launches around the world.

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Optimist has been a valuable web frontend development partner for Turnit. Being skilled at building great user experience frontends and have always been ready for the "extra mile" to deliver on time.
Marten Teino
Product Manager


White-Label Webshop

Turnit Ride white-label webshop is a fully customisable platform for online ticket sales for the bus industry. Our team is fully responsible for creating and designing the webshop platform - we have designed the user experience and user interface, developed the frontend application interacting with Turnit API, created various payment integrations and validated the platform with manual and performance tests. Turnit’s white-label webshop allows transport companies to design their user experiences with configurable features, payment integrations and visual personalisation.

React, PHP, Laravel, Redux
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Bus Terminal Display Manager

Our team designed and developed a standalone admin tool for building and showing information displays in bus stops and terminals. The platform allows administrators to pick and choose the data set shown on their terminal screens and custom-tailor the entire look and feel of the information display with our display manager tool.

React, Node, Postgres
Turnit Bus Display
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