February 2015 - present day
Operating in 5 different Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Denmark.
Automated order management, smart product information management, ERP integrations.


Zave is one of the key heat pumps marketplaces in Scandinavia and has been around since 1988. Their long expertise on the market allows them to offer premium service and price levels that are incomparable to their competitors. You can always expect full service including the latest and most efficient heat pumps together with experts who can help with installation.


Custom e-Commerce Software

A custom content management software was developed for Bestair e-commerce. The custom CMS solution allows us to have a lot of flexibility over the back-end system which is crucial when developing a fast and unique front-end. The scope of the CMS includes for example multilingual pages, menus and products management, order management and settings customizations, such as currency selection and shipping costs. Built on Laravel’s official administration panel Nova, it allows for a lot of customizability as well as great support for third-party packages. Many of the packages used are developed by us and are open-source, visible in GitHub under Optimist Digital’s group. The e-commerce solution has been integrated with 5 payment providers, which in total provide more than 20 different payment methods across three different countries (Sweden, Finland, Estonia).

Laravel, Nova
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Exceptionally Fast Front-End Solution

The front-end single-page-application, built using React.JS with Node.JS server side rendering, is exceptionally fast and responsive. Utilizing the latest and greatest React.JS version along with MobX data store provides a seamless user experience for anyone looking to browse, compare or buy heat pumps. Deployment As with Optimist Digital’s other projects, the project is shipped using Docker. GitLab is used to both store the codebase, build the Docker images and store the Docker images. Post-build, the image is deployed to a Rancher instance which orchestrates the containers.

React, Node.js
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Idea building
Idea validation
Presenting prototypes to investors


Multi-platform applications
Big data analytics and search
High availability


Connected car APIs
Car simulators
Applications for connected cars


Custom platform development
Business software integrations
Speed optimization

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